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Christmas 2016 Update
Christmas 2016 Update

Ameva Bible Students year 2015/6

Christmas is upon us again and we take a moment to reflect on some of the many opportunities that this year has brought.

We feel very much at home now on the South coast. The weather has been quite good to us and we love to look at the sea as we walk along to our café on the beach. This is mostly when we take our visitors out for a breath of fresh air and a coffee or lunch. One of the very precious things being here has opened for us, is to be able to have friends to stay and feel that they have tasted a bit of a holiday atmosphere.

We remain part of the Beulah Baptist Church in Bexhill. At the beginning of the year we joined one of the Home Groups and have enjoyed lovely fellowship and sharing together. Getting to know individuals in a large church is not so easy but we are beginning to make inroads. Terry was asked to speak at one of the evening meetings and during the run up to this event the secretary was being asked who is this Terry Watson so when the time came she said this is he!! During the evening meeting there is a sense of openness in prayer and encouragement to use the gifts of the Spirit.
Doreen is very happy in her apartment upstairs and although her eyesight is still failing and a few weeks recovering from pneumonia has set her mobility backwards, she can manage her personal care, light meals and communication by telephone and email. We have begun to take up invitations for speaking or pastoral care. Doreen is ok for one or two nights but after that we like her to be covered by someone staying. Her friend Irene Masters has been down often, and they both went on a cruise in the summer. Terrys sister Sue is also very willing to cover when needed. We have two sets of very friendly neighbours who phone in or call to see if she is ok.

One of the highlights of the year was to have most of our family together during the end of July and early August. The Aussi section and Eltham section were all with us and Andrew from Helsinki. Oliver had been considering the possibility of joining the Lutheran Church and was attending a camp with other young people to see if he wanted to be Confirmed. Unfortunately, this came at the same time as the rest of the family were with us. We were pleased he made the choice to follow through.
Fifteen of us met in the Azur restaurant for an early celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary which was due on September 17th. Over that time. we took a trip to France and celebrated in a French Restaurant. Terry had steak and Frances had Mussles (and learnt how to eat them the French way) Abigail, our oldest Grandchild was 6mths pregnant at the time of her visit and has now delivered a beautiful little girl called Eva, with her boyfriend Liam. So, we now have a new title of Great Grandparents! Terry was able to visit the Ameva Bible School in Zimbabwe for 2 ½ weeks in November and really enjoyed lecturing a group of developing ministers and others keen to take the gospel across the country.

Christmas will be a little different for us this year. Frances will be in Australia with Kezia for a month. Philip, Michelle, Jake and Ethan will be in Cape Town visiting Mike and Lydia Jones from 27th Dec for 3 weeks, Abigail and Eva will visit from North Perth, and Terry will be over from 13th for 8days. Terry and Doreen will be having a Christmas dinner at the nursing home with Mum and he is taking Doreen to the White Rock Theatre to see the pantomime of Peter Pan on Boxing Day.
Life is full but very precious. A very Happy Christmas to you and a fulfilling year in 2017
With much love,
Terry & Fran

Update September to November 2016

We have now entered into September and we had anticipated that the weather would be getting cooler but as I write this it is well in the top 20's. The summer has been a season of visiting and visitors so it has meant that the completion of our refurbishments has slowed considerably. We still have to finish the roof of the utility room with shingle tiles although it is felted and waterproof.

Doreen, our house guest, has been unwell and spent 10 days in hospital with Pleurisy and Pneumonia and is recovering at home with the help of carers visiting morning and evening. This has now come to an end and discussions are in hand to see whether they are still needed. My mother who is in a nursing home at the end of the road continues to do well although on 24/7 care. She has decided not to move in with us.

We have enjoyed a number of preaching engagements over the last three months including Heathfield, Manchester, Crowhurst and Lanark and was invited to share at the recent MLG Conference in Devon. It was an excellent conference. In August Philip & Michelle and family visited from Australia and stayed with us for a week. They were joined by Andrew from Helsinki and John & Janna & family from London. Unfortunately Rebecca, Oliver & Sienna were not able to come as Oliver was on a church camp. Our neighbours over the road to us kindly allowed us to use there home as they were away on holiday.

Our first weekend away this September is to Suffolk to spend a weekend with Rick & Shirley Porritt followed by a weekend in France to celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary. While the family were with us we were treated to an anniversary meal.

Terry will be travelling to Zimbabwe on the 18th November for 2 1/2 weeks and Frances to Perth on the 22nd December for a month but more about that in our next update.

We appreciate your love and support. Much love Terry & Fran

June to August 2016 Update

You would have thought that we would be enjoying hot summer weather now we have moved to the South Coast of England but it fact it is cold today 12 degrees. We have continued as much as we have time with our house refurbishments and we were hoping that we may have finished by Spring but we are discovering life is becoming increasingly busy. Our current project is the re-building of what we are calling our utility room, a lean-to on the end of the house which when we inherited it was in very poor condition. Although the original plan was to save most of it we finished up throwing all the timber away except for a number of upright posts. It is taking shape now with most of the timber work done and needs roofing and painting.

When we converted the garage into our bedroom on-suite we moved the utility room sink into the lean-to and when completed it will store all the gardening equipment. This is at present in the summer house which Frances was given as a Christmas present and was constructed by me while she was visiting the family in Finland. We also have lots to do in the garden and although we have some amazing shrubs laid out by someone who knew what he was doing it has for a number of years been neglected. For example, it took me 2 days to cut the front hedge which is now 50 foot long, 7 foot high and 5 foot wide in some places very useful for keeping the ladders and trailer in.

Doreen is doing well and is currently on a cruise around the UK with Princess Caribbean vising Guernsey, Cork, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Stornoway, Edinburgh and a day visit to Paris on the way back to Southampton. She is travelling with her long term friend Irene. My mother, living in a nursing home at the top of our road is doing well. Now 98 and although bedridden is happy and enjoys reading via the Kindle. We visit her each Wednesday and enjoy a couple of crosswords.

With these two regular commitments we believe that it is right to restrict our travelling ministry to long weekends and have been to Heathfield, Devon, Manchester, Lanark, Crowhurst as well as a number of churches that we can visit for the day. We have also enjoyed an increasing number of visitors here in our home and have designated one of our on-suite bedrooms as a guest room.

In Late July and Early August, we will be hosting Philip & Michelle and family from Perth Australia who are visiting UK for a month and spending the first week with us. There are a number of things on their agenda including weddings, family visiting, and to celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary which is fact on the 17th September 2016. Andrew has also been over for the week and we have been able to see John & Janna and family both here and in Eltham.

Over the next few months we have a number of pastoral visits in this country and shall be visiting France for 4 days at the end of next week to celebrate Terrys birthday. We are also booked into the MLG conference at the end of August. All other details are on our itinerary page.

Appreciate your love and support. Much love Terry & Fran

February to May 2016 Update

Things have changed quite a lot since the winter has come with full force. Winter & rain now dominates our outside lives, no walking along the coast for a coffee at the local beach cafe. We have, although, concentrated our efforts on seeking to complete our refurbishments in our home at St Leonard's on Sea. We have now finished our new ground floor bedroom with its attached dressing room with only the shower room to complete. As this is certainly not a one man job Peter Gray has kindly agreed to come from Liverpool with Shelagh and help me complete it. With this we will be able to get local building control to sign it off. Over Christmas Frances was give a Summer House which we have decided to locate in one of the areas of the garden which was a garden rubbish heap. This work is in progress and then the job is to build a number of brick pillars to support the foundations. Hopefully a picture will be posted on our next update.

We continue to visit Mum Watson on Wednesdays and celebrated her 98th Birthday on the 1st February. The new Matron and staff baked a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She continues to be bedridden but enjoys reading from her Kindle. She has over the past few months been able to use her left hand again (after 3 years) and is now able to feed herself. Unfortunately following her fall and breaking her neck she has very little use in the rest of her body.

Our house guest Doreen has been unwell since Christmas and confined to the house but in recent days she has begun to recover and venture out. She joins us in visiting the Beulah Baptist Church in Bexhill on Sundays when we are at home as well as the Hastings House group twice a month on a Tuesday. She continues her independence in a self contained apartment in our home. She has booked herself a trip of a lifetime in June when she cruises around the UK.

We continue to receive invitations to speak in various church situations and look forward to flying to Lanark in Scotland on the 19th February for 4 days, drive to Heathfield in Devon on the 12th March and Crowthorne, Bracknell on the 23rd April. Victoria Park Christian Fellowship, Manchester. Other plans and trips can be seen on our itinerary page.

We continue to thank you for prayerful and practical support.

Much love to you all. Terry & Fran

Updated Christmas 2015

We have had a very eventful year and are loving being down at St Leonards on Sea. We do occasionally get to walk the prom, although mostly when we have guests as there is a very nice restaurant and coffee shop twenty minutes walk from our house that sits above the beach and gives a lovely view, even when the weather is rough.

One of the special things about visitors is having the time to chat as we show them the countryside and along the coast line. We never get tired of seeing pretty villages, thatched rooves, quaint coffee and tea shops, not to mention all the historic building sights, 1066 and all that!

We are grateful to all of you who have taken the time to come and see us. We love the house and have been able to do quite a bit of DIY. (also big jobs like the chimneys down, new staircase, pushing archways through rooms to connect etc., things that we have had to employ others to do.)

As you know, Doreen (long term friend) lives with us and now has her own 4 roomed apartment and front door which took about 6 months to complete. She loves it here and although her eyesight continues to deteriorate she is able to be quite self-supportive with her own home help and us in the background. She has joined the art club, attends functions at Kings Church (where our neighbours attend) and is able to use Dial-a-ride to get to Hastings shops.

Family wise, all of Terrys family now live around this area. We visit Mum Watson regularly and she is still having 24/7 care in the nursing home at the end of our road. She has a very sharp mind and loves us to do endless crosswords with her! She will be 98 next February. Terrys sister lives in Rye. We have a regular weekly lunch date in Hastings with her and she pops in at other times. His brother has helped us with organising the paid workers as he is in the building trade full time and our nephew has worked for us on the jobs that need plastering.

One of our other nephews and family (from Francess sister June) live near Battle. We went to a musical production locally when their son Marcus was singing in an opera.
We have been attending Beulah Baptist Church in Bexhill, and have now made it our base. David Lockwood (assistant pastor) and Caroline (our Niece) are in the leadership there. It has been the Lords provision for us and we have been blessed. Their two girls Niah and Katelyn are a joy to have round and Niah has adopted Terry as her 3rd Grandad which is so sweet.
End of July Andrew and Rebecca, Oliver and Sienna were able to visit us prior to a Scotson wedding in Coventry and John and Janna, Chloe, Esther and Benjamin stayed in a caravan nearby so that we could all spend the time together. We are glad that the latter only live 90mins away, with Philip and Michelle, Abigail, Kezia, Jake and Ethan in Australia. (we are hoping to see them all in the summer)
One memorable occasion this year was Doreens 90th birthday. We decided on a garden party. 70 people came and the weather was on our side. Andrew came over so was able to help Terry with the setup of Gazebos, extra chairs and tables and the essential coffee machine! We have been able to take long weekends away to visit Lanark and France and to continue with our connections with the Southern churches. We were also able to get to part of their M.L.G. conference in August. Now that things are coming together here and Doreen is settled we are looking forward to more visiting in 2016, plus a holiday in June and a visit to the U.S. and Canada.
This Christmas eve we are hosting 28 of Frances and her 3 sisters families. Those who are in England! Christmas day we are eating at the nursing home, in Mum Watsons room and Boxing day having our steak and chips at John and Jannas. Have a great Christmas. With much love, Terry and Fran.

updated 1st November 2015

Picture is of the view to Norman's Bay

It has now been more than a year since we moved from Eltham to St Leonard's on Sea. We have enjoyed the Summer although much of the time we have been working on our refurbishment works. We are making good progress and plan to finish before Spring next year. Circumstances were so arranged that much of our travelling ministry life has been on hold and we were able to be at home more than in previous years. The picture above is the view from Cooden to Norman's Bay where William the Conqueror landed on the 14th October 949. On one of our visits we were joined by Walt & Wennie Robbins from Stouffville, Canada who spent a few days with us on their way to Israel. We were able to take them too a couple of castles one at Pevensey which is very impressive on the outside and the another which is still the home of the Duke of Norfolk and dates back to the 1100's. When we are not away over the weekends we have been regular attenders of the Beulah Baptist Church where our niece Caroline and her husband David Lockwood is the associate pastor and are slowly making some friends although with a congregation of 400 that is not easy. During the past couple of months we have joined a house group in Hastings which meets regularly on Tuesday. Terry's mum continues to be in 24/7 care in a nursing home and we visit once a week. We have a number of preaching engagements & visits arranged which we add to our itinerary from time to time. We have been so grateful to everybody's support over the past year and wish everyone a very blessed Christmas & Happy New Year.

We look forward to hearing from you on our emails and/or or on our mobiles 07802700598/07714242857.

Much love Terry & Frances

Updated 12th July 2015

We realise it has been some time since we last updated our website. We moved into our new house on the 24th October 2014. It is a 5 bed roomed house and our plan was to convert 4 of the upstairs bedrooms into a self contained apartment for Doreen Cooke. Those of you who may not know Doreen she joined us in fellowship in 1972 and became very much part of our family. Over the years she has become more unable to see and we wanted to have her living near to us in her older years and this arrangement seems the best option we could find. She will be 90 in September. We had originally planned to get the apartment ready for her to move into in December after selling her own end of terraced house. We have to say that it is now nearly 5 months later on and we are only about 3/4 of the way through. The rest of our time here we have been working on taking out the chimneys, replacing the stairs and converting the garage into our bedroom. We would like to have it finished by the middle of the year.

We have had some opportunity to travel around to preach. A couple of weeks ago we spent a long weekend in Lanark Scotland at the church. Sadly during that time one of our good friends died suddenly of a heart attack and we returned again last Thursday for the funeral. The first visit we took the train but last week as we needed to complete our visit in a day and flew up from Gatwick.

We are enjoying a number of visits to celebrate friends 60th & 70th Birthday celebrations which probably gives some clue to our ages. On the 14th September Doreen celebrates her 90th Birthday and we shall be celebrating her birthday here with around 70 guests.

We are also enjoying a number of folk visiting us here at St Leonards and have been able to call in on a number of the local coffee shops. Please feel free to give us a call and arrange a visit.

We look forward to hearing from you on our emails and/or or on our mobiles 07802700598 or 07714242857.

Much love Terry & Frances

Update dated 2nd October 2014

We should have moved by now but still find ourselves in our old home. Frances returned back from Australia on the 30th September having been away for 4 weeks after looking after Kezia and the family in Perth while Michelle was in the UK to celebrate her Mum & Dads golden wedding anniversary and Jims 70th birthday.
Kezia continues to improve and still has some healing to do after the serious car accident that nearly took her life. We continue to be blessed by the Lords care for her over these three months since the accident. Some bruising and pain remains following the fractures of her spine and pelvis and her memory still needs to recover following her head injuries but she is getting back to some kind of normality although she is not fit for work yet.
Our first moving date was planned for the end of August but now we are hoping to exchange on the 6th October and complete on the 24th so another 3 weeks remains living with all our goods packed away in boxes. It was a good thing that we labelled them carefully as it means if we do need something at least it does not take too long to find it.
While Frances was away Terry was busy most weekends visiting various churches in the South East of England and has enjoyed the opportunity to preach away. We have only one booked engagement for October which is on the 12th when we travel to Gravesend to dedicate Louisa Evans, Dave & Debbie Evans new baby. Over the past couple of months we have enjoyed a variety of ministry as well as met with some challenges but we are confident that the Lord is in overall care of our lives.
We are looking forward to Andrew joining with us next Sunday 5th originally with plans to help us move but we will be able to take him to the new house when we next visit my mother on Wednesday.
This update will now run to December as we will be busy converting our new house to make a self-contained flat for Doreen as well as build a bedroom out of a garage for ourselves. When this is completed we shall investigate the practicalities of making one downstairs room available for my mother. We have at the moment a visit booked for Sunningdale and Crowthorne the last weekend in November and are thinking of a long weekend in Helsinki nearer Christmas but apart from that we shall be settling into our new home in St Leonards  on  Sea.
We look forward to hearing from you on our emails and/or or on our mobiles 07802700598 or 07714242857.
Thanks you for all your support while we have been in Eltham. Much love Terry & Frances

Updated 1st August 2014

We left Gatwick for Toronto on the 5th June to spend 10 days with Walt & Wennie Robbins who lead the Stouffville Christian Fellowship North East of Toronto. As it was Pentecost weekend Terry was able to take up the subject of the coming of the Holy Spirit and it was thrilling to see one visitor who had not been to church since he went with his grandmother as a small boy. We spent some great times with Walt & Wennie visiting the lakes.

Monday the 9th June will always stand out in our memories not only that it is Terrys birthday but for the day that we heard that our second oldest grand-daughter in Perth had been involved in a serious car accident and was in a coma in intensive care. As the first week unfolded we heard much more of the accident. Another driver had hit her car on the passenger side with excessive speed and she had received serious head injuries, damaged lungs, torn liver and 11 fractures to her spine, pelvis and sacrum. Amazingly a Fire Officer was first on the scene and was able to give Kezia oxygen and make her comfortable while the ambulance arrived. Undoubtedly he was certainly able to save her life. Many prayed over the following weeks and we were all relieved when after 8 days she regained consciousness and was able to communicate although at the first it was uncertain that she had not more damage to her brain. It was touch and go in the early days but we had that certainty that all would be well.

It is now 8 weeks since the event and Kezia has began to walk unaided, a couple of weeks ago and been discharged from hospital under the care of two persons who visit her home every day. Frances plans to visit in September for a month while Michelle travels to the UK to celebrate her mum and dads 50th wedding anniversary and her dads 70th birthday. Kezia will hopefully be able to go for walks during that time.
We are still on course to move although we had expected to move out of our home early August having agreed an offer nearly three months ago. However today, 1st August, our buyer arranged for a full building survey to be undertaken. Unfortunately our first purchase in St Leonards  on  Sea was withdrawn from sale after a couple of months so our new property is only a few weeks in the pipeline. The seller is keen to complete by the end of this month.

We have a number of Sundays booked out in August and September and it will be interesting to see how things unfold if we move out of number 4 without the completion of the new house but we are confident in the timing and planning of the Lord.
We shall update this news again in early October.

We continue to appreciate your prayerful and practical support.

Much love Terry & Fran

Updated 1st June 2014

The Watson seniors are on the move. After living in Eltham Green for nearly 40 years we have accepted an offer on our home and plan to move to St Leonards-on-Sea sometime over the summer. For many years now we have had a conviction in our hearts of a responsibility of care for Doreen Cooke who joined the church 1972 and became one of the family. As a single lady and now registered as partially sighted she has been unable to maintain her own home although she is still very active in church life. Some 3 years ago we shared with her that we would like to find property that would allow her to sell up and live next door to us to enable her to keep her independence but also that we would be able to help maintain the practical areas of her home and garden while she continued to enjoy all the opportunities of church life. Although we looked around in 2011 we came to the conclusion that it was not the right time and that we needed a specific area to move to or a clear direction from the Lord. As this wasnt forthcoming we put the whole project on hold.

In March 2012 my mother fell down her stairs and broke her neck in three places and due to the hospital not recognising this injury did not take the necessary care which resulted in her becoming paralysed. After moving her into a nursing home most of her body recovered its use but left her unable to do anything for herself except drink from a beaker with her left hand. Her right hand did not recover. As we have visited it seemed more and more important to us that she needed more care than she currently receives to include occupational and physiotherapy which is not provided. This has a big impact on her quality of life. Our prayerful thoughts led us to invite her to live with us. As both my brother and sister live in Rye we did not think it appropriate that we move her to London but find a place in their area. We have seen a house in St LeonardsonSea that would be practically ideal for both my mother, a carer, Doreen and ourselves so put our house on the market. This house would provide a self-contained flat for Doreen who is well able to manage her personal needs. We do need the Lord to find our sellers a new home in the area as soon as possible. As we have promised our buyer that we would move on completion of the sale we would not look forward to having nowhere to live.

We shall continue to visit Eltham whenever the opportunity arises and no doubt will see many visitors in our new home. We are in Harrogate, Yorkshire at the moment and will return home via Warrington on Monday. On the 5th June we travel to Toronto for 10 days and have a number of weekend preaching visits until the end of July.

We continue to appreciate your prayerful and practical support.

updated the 1st April 2014

We have both now safely returned from Australia and are gradually recovering from jet lag. The weather was beautiful Frances being there a month enjoyed temperatures up in the top thirties while Terry visiting for the last 10 days of the trip had to be content with the mid twenties but still managed to get a tan It was a really special time with the family as well as others we had come to know in the church where Philip is part of the leadership. Terry was able to speak on the last Sunday morning. The last few days of March were taken up with visits to Worthing and Salisbury. For some time now Terry has been a trustee of the "Chisomo Trust" which currently overseas the UK support base for Martin & Marian Williams who are working along side two church groups in Malawi. There have been a number of changes recently and now Terry is chairman of the trust and will be sharing more about this in the days to come. Details of this work can be viewed by logging on to

Another important change is that we have decided to relocate to the St Leonards-on-Sea area so that we can provide a home for Terry's mother who two years ago fell down her stairs and suffered a broken neck. She is currently bed-bound in a nursing home in this new area and our desire is to provide a home for her so that we can provide much more than the practical care she receives at the moment. This week we put our house on the market and our sale will go live in a couple of days on the internet. You will be able to search for full details and view some great photographs. We have already seen the perfect property (pictured above) and are trusting the Lord for a speedy conclusion to our decision.

On the 10th April we travel to Zimbabwe with John & Martha Shaw for a two week Bible Course programme at the Ameva Bible College followed by a weeks pastors conference returning on the 6th May. During the month of May we have visits from Walt & Wennie Robbins in Canada until the 10th and Sandy & Beth Robertson in Florida from the 24th until the 29th. We continue to have travelling engagements until the end of the month finishing up in York and Leeds.

We continue to be blessed by the Lords leading and thank you again for your very generous support and prayers. Much love Terry & Fran

updated 3rd February 2014

We have really enjoyed the month of January. For some of our time we were standing in for Jim & Margaret Bailey while they were away in Australia visiting Philip & Michelle and the family. Jim & Margaret are involved in a number of activities in church life. The two we supported were the Mid-Day Life Group on a Thursday where we led a series of studies in Bible Doctrines. We first went through this series in 1983 so it was good to refresh ourselves again on the fundamentals of our faith. On each Friday it was our privilege to look after "Time Out" a group of mainly older folk who come to enjoy each others company, drink tea and coffee and enjoy a short service where we sing some traditional hymns and share a short message. The highlight of our time was the yearly Christmas dinner in mid January. (See picture above with Dolly having fun)

We have continued to visit Terry's mother in St Leonards-on-Sea we usually stay in her cottage on a Tuesday night but sadly a couple of weeks ago there was a fire in the lounge that has rendered it uninhabitable for the moment so we have been staying at the Lodge in Winchelsea. We have enjoyed a number of opportunities to speak in Eltham and elsewhere and shall be travelling to the West Country and Scotland between now and the 25th February when Frances leaves for Perth Australia for a month. Terry follows on the 13th March for 10 days. We shall update you again in April. We continue to thank you for your prayerful and practical support. Much love Terry & Frances

updated the 10th January 2014

The picture is of Philip and families overlooking Perth (John taking the picture)

We have now begun, what is working out to be, a very busy travelling first 6 months. Already we have filled a lot in the calender between now and the end of June and details of all our travels can be seen on our itinerary page. We have left some spaces which we look forward to filling in due course.

We have had a very good Christmas and New Year start. The highlights were our meeting in Eltham the weekend before Christmas when we saw over 30 visitors join us in our Christmas services to hear a very powerful gospel message. John & Janna had started the first Missional Community in their home in September and as a result 5 Russian families joined with us as a result. Another highlight was the gathering of some of the elders of the churches we have been meeting with for lunch once a month for some years in Worthing. The group has now formulated a network called Missionlifegrace and you can see details on their website This will include a conference later in the year.

In these next few months we shall be flying off to Perth Australia, Zimbabwe and Canada so we will appreciate your prayerful support. Thank you for your love and care. Terry & Fran

updated 22nd December 2013

The picture is of Jake & Ethan

Christmas greetings to all our family & friends.

This year has held many exciting moments and challenging times for us both. We thank the Lord for His goodness to our family and for all the contact we have had with a number of churches in the UK and overseas. We both hit the Big 70 and enjoyed our celebrations. In February Frances held a murder mystery evening with close friends & family. The theme was based on a Poirot film set in the 1920s. We had fun dressing up and the actors setting the scene were very professional. In June Terry had an open day where everyone was invited to pop in anytime as the day of his birthday was on a Sunday. We started with the morning meeting, lunch together and for the rest of the day enjoyed meeting friends and family as they joined us for a while. The blessing of this was two-fold, to spend time with those we see more regularly and others we have not seen for many years. One couple came from the Honor Oak Baptist Church where Frances was saved and baptised. Terry joined the Sunday School at 6 years old and we began a relationship as teenagers and subsequently married in 1966. This contact led us to visit the church one Sunday where we met friends who are now in their late 80s.
Richard & Yinka a couple who were in their 20s while in membership with us in Eltham also joined us in our celebrations. They left to assist an African Church in South East London and now lead a very lively congregation of 100 just 15 minutes walk from us. It was a real privilege to speak at their church one Sunday in November. Great memories of our visits to Africa!

There were many more at both these occasions who we were thrilled to see again. We were both given a gift for a specific holiday break, Frances chose Remagen, on the Rhine, in Germany. The five day trip was so refreshing. Transport was trains and boats (no cars or planes), the weather and scenery was amazing, and to be led by a tour guide was very relaxing. Terrys choice was a lazy trip to the sunny coast of North Greece. We hired a car so that we could explore the area and made a special trip to Thessaloniki, learning more about early church history and Pauls journeys. We made friends with a young couple who caught octopus and invited us for a meal. It was delicious! Thank you to those who made this possible.

An added bonus this year has been visits from family abroad. Our eldest grand-daughters from Perth were here for our birthdays. Abigail in February and Kezia in June. Andrew came over from Finland for both. Michelle was over in the summer for a family wedding. In March we took a trip to Paris with Abigail to show her the sights. We had sunshine most of the weekend and returned to snow in Kent. For Abigail that was exciting! In June we took Kezia and Chloe (Johns eldest) to Finland to see their cousins.
We remain part of the Clifton Community Church in Worthing where we still have an ongoing active role. We have been thrilled to see a move of God there, bringing in new folk and fresh challenges. With Mum Watson still in a nursing home at St Leonards -on-Sea, near Hastings, we seek to visit each week, so have cut down the length of trips away where we can. This has worked out quite well and we have still been able to travel to a number of church situations as well as being pastorally involved with individuals up and down the UK. We remain based at the church in Eltham and living at no 4 Eltham Green. At Eltham Green Community Church Tim Cross has joined the eldership and with Daniel Bull now takes some of the load from John who has begun the first Missional Community in the local area. Earlier in the year we were invited to share with the Passion for God young people Frances speaking to the ladies. This work is now developing into the missionlifegrace network and we look forward to seeing this expand into the future. Our Nissan Micra has faithfully kept running and there is now nearly 140,000 miles on the clock. Next year we shall be spending a little more time overseas and have already arranged vists to Australia, Zimbabwe and Canada.

Andrew & Rebecca, Philip & Michelle, & John & Janna have all updated their family news on our website which can be viewed on this will keep you in touch with our own and family news during the year. From January 1st 2014 we shall be changing our email addresses. Frances will be and Terry if you are emailing us both please include both in the send to box. We have started our Christmas festivities already with a brief visit to Helsinki and enjoyed a Finnish Christmas meal. Have a great Christmas and a very blessed New Year.

With very much love.
Terry & Fran

Updated 4th October 2013

The picture is of Thessonaliki in Greece

Our last update at the beginning of September left you, we trust, enjoying all the news of the celebrations around our 70th birthdays Frances in February and Terrys in June. We have had numerous invitations for lunch or evening meals with those who either were not able to be with us on our special days or just wanted to bless us further.

As a gift for Terrys birthday friends and family gave him a gift which he used to purchase a holiday in North Greece not too far away from Thessonaliki. The temperatures were a pleasant 38 degrees some days and apart from one day of rain it was wall to wall sunshine. The hire of a car gave us the opportunity to drive around the area and visit the historic city of Thessonaliki that was one of the stopping places on Pauls journeys as we read in Acts 17.

The 12 days were spent relaxing, reading and enjoying the warmth. One day one of our neighbours in the hotel invited us to join them in an evening meal of Octopus they had caught and cooked. It was very nice.

In August it was decided that we should paint the outside of our house on which, over the past year, we have been making repairs. It is a detached Victorian Villa built in 1840 which the previous owners had decided to paint all the brick work. This needs constant repainting at least every 10 years. Realizing this would be a mammoth task we have put it on the top of our list of things to do in October. Hopefully we shall finish it by the end of the month with the help of Daniel Bull who has put a number of days in with us.

Our plans for November are to return to two days a week in Rye & St Leonards-on-Sea visiting Terrys mother who is still bedridden after breaking her neck 18 months ago. During these next three months we have a number of preaching engagements in this country which you can view on our itinerary as well as other activities.

We shall update you all again nearer to Christmas.

Many thanks for your love and care. Terry & Frances

Updated July 9th 2013

We have well and truly entered into the summer with temperatures creeping towards the 30's centigrade. What a change some hot weather makes. We continue to enjoy quite a lot of travelling and have a number of extra overseas trips planned now until the end of September which have resulted from us both reaching our 70th birthdays. On the 9th June quite a number of folk joined Terry's celebration day. As it was a Sunday folk who were not normally part of the church fellowship, and were free to do so, were invited to join us in our morning worship and stay over for a "Bring & Share" lunch and the others popped in and out during the afternoon. The oldest connection was a lady called Barbara who joined the Honor Oak Baptist Church when she was 10. I would have been 12 at the time and part of a youth group which consisted of 8 girls and myself. Only a couple of months ago we met up with another one of those teenagers who we had not seen for 50 years. Doesn't time fly! Some people who had joined with us over the years were able to come. Dick & Hilary Hayes, Fred & Joyce Wenlock, Hugh & Marion Osgood and many others represented a number of seasons in our church leadership.

As a result of these birthdays the church gave cash towards some overseas holidays. For Frances we are travelling on Monday 15th July to Remagen on the Rhine Valley in Germany for 4 days travelling by train & boat to various destinations and then later on in September to Greece for a 12 days sunshine holiday. Most weekends we are visiting various churches and fellowships while continuing to visit my mother on Wednesdays. Where we are can be seen on our itinerary page. We will give an update report at the beginning of October. Many thanks for your love and care. Terry & Frances

Updated 1st May 2013

It’s wonderful to see the sunshine again after so many months of cold. We have been in London the last week or so and been able to catch up mostly with our paperwork. We returned on the 28th April from a month away starting with a trip to Canada to spend Easter with Walt & Wennie Robbins in Stouffville. It was good to meet the church again and to be able to share the message of the Cross & Resurrection. Walt & Wennie are doing a fantastic job among folk who in their late teens early 20’s were drug addicts. They are a small church but have a number of folk who faithfully come. We moved from Canada to Cloverley Hall in Shropshire for a 4 day conference with Les Wheeldon & Larry Hill. The programme stated the speakers to be themselves plus others so I was privileged to have opportunity to speak. Mary Seaton & Fineke Janssen were also able to share in the second morning session. The whole conference was very encouraging. We continued travelling North to Lanark in Scotland and enjoyed 10 days with the folk there speaking on Sundays and visiting in the week. Peter & Liz Smith are doing a fantastic job fostering children whose lives have been transformed by their input. As you may know Terry’s mother broke her neck last year and we have been visiting her in St Leonards on Sea most weeks on a Tuesday & Wednesday staying overnight in at her cottage in Rye. She is still unable to do anything for herself except drink from her beaker so we do pray for more mobility for her. Up to last year she was totally independent. She is 95. The local health authorities have provided her with an electric wheelchair which we trust she will learn to drive with her good hand. So far she is learning well but reluctant to make the move from her bed to the chair as it involves a hoist and finds it very uncomfortable. We also are able to see Terry’s brother and sister on a regular basis who both live in Rye.

This week we have Kezia our second oldest grand-daughter from Perth Australia visiting for three months so we are not planning too much away from London and nothing overseas except a trip with her and Chloe our London based grand-daughter to visit Andrew & Rebecca and family in Helsinki in June. On the 9th June we shall be inviting all our friends to join with us as we celebrate Terry's 70th birthday look out for information. Frances was given a gift for a train journey for her 70th so we have organised a trip down the Rhine in July. We also plan quite a bit of house painting and gardening over the summer period and will catch up on some of our visiting locally.

Thank you so much for your love & care. Terry & Fran

Updated 12th March 2013

We have just finished the busiest period of birthdays for the Watson family in any month of the year. Terry's mother was 95 on the 1st while Abigail became 21 on the same day. Other's enjoying birthdays were Andrew, John, Benjamin, Sienna and Frances who became 70th on the 27th. To celebrate this amazing event friends and family gathered at the church for a Agatha Christie Murder Mystery "Death on the Nile2 performed by John and his cast of players. Over 75 came from various parts of the country and overseas.

Last week we visited Paris with Abigail for three days and just managed to return to Ebbsfleet before Eurostar cancelled all trains travelling between Paris & London. Our diary for the next couple of months is beginning to fill up with visits planned to Bracknell next weekend, A Conference "Passion for God" in Northampton and Worthing the following week before we fly to Stouffville in Canada for Easter. On our return we join folk at the Cloverley Conference in Shropshire before spending 10 days in Lanark, Scotland with Peter & Liz Smith. At the end of April we shall be joined by Kezia who will be visiting London for three months. Kezia will fly in with Michelle who will be around for a month visiting her Mum & Dad and attending a wedding. We thank you for your continuing prayerful and practical support. We shall have a link to Frances birthday photos as soon as we have sorted the out. Much love Terry & Fran

updated 5th January 2013

In our devotions some weeks ago we sensed that the Lord would be opening up a new door of opportunity for us in the ministry and we quietly wait for it to reveal itself. We had a great Christmas spending Christmas day lunch with Terry's mother in St Leonards - on - Sea and the evening with John & Janna & the family. The rest of Christmas we spent on our own enjoying the rest. On the 3rd January some of the churches we have close links with here in the South of England met for a three day retreat in Worthing. Each leader who attended was give an hour to share something relevant and lead a discussion on the subject. This proved very beneficial. The climax of the time was on Thursday evening when the meeting was opened up to other leaders from the various churches. We are hoping more of the churches we network with will join us for our regular meetings over lunch or breakfast during the year. During January & February we shall continue to preach in churches in the UK over the weekends and visit Mum during the week At present we have postponed any visits overseas. We are always very grateful for your prayerful and practical support and look forward to seeing more of you in 2013. Much love Terry & Fran

Updated 3rd December 2012

On Wednesday 5th December we are returning to Gran Canaria and apart from a few days enjoying the sun we will be spending some time with the church in their Christmas Outreach. When we return back to Eltham on the 12th December we shall only have two weeks before Christmas. On Christmas day we shall join Terry's mother for Christmas dinner at the nursing home she is in recovering from breaking her neck back in March. She continues to make very slow progress but we are looking forward to trialing an electric wheelchair on the 18th December which we hope will give her more mobility. We continue to be very thankful for your prayerful and practical support and wish you a very happy Christmas and blessed New Year. Much love Terry & Fran.

This Little Child
Who would have thought that long ago so very far away
A little child would be born and in a manger lay
And who would have thought this little CHILD was born the KING of kings
The son of just a carpenter but for whom the Angels sing

And who would have thought that as HE grew and with other children play
This CHILD with whom they laughed and sang would die for them someday
And who would have thought this little CHILD would make the blind man see
Feed the hunger, make rich the poor and set the sinner free

Oh who would have thought this little CHILD was who the prophets said
Would take away the sins of man and rise up from the dead

Many years have come and gone yet this world remains the same
Empires have been built and fallen only time has made a change
Nation against nation brother against brother
Men so filled with hatred killing one another

And over half the world is starving while our banner of decency is torn
Debating over disarmament killing children before their born
And fools who march to win the right to justify their sin
Oh every nation that has fallen has fallen from within

Yet in the midst of this darkness there is a Hope, a Light that burns
This little CHILD, the KING of kings someday will return

Scott-Wesley Brown

Updater 10th October 2012

Andrew & Sienna (6) have just arrived to spend 5 days with us so as to be able to visit Terry's mother in St Leonards-on Sea nursing home tomorrow. Mum continues to make very slow progress in her recovery after breaking her neck. With her left hand she is now able to drink herself using a special cup. The physiotherapist was quite encouraged with her increasing mobility but did say that he does not expect her to be able to stand again. We continue to pray for better results. Yesterday we took Walt & Wennie Robbins on to Epsom after a busy 5 days here with us. We were able to visit Battle Abbey, Rye and Eltham Palace during our visiting around the area. His ministry on Sunday was very well received and fitted in well with our new series on prophesy. This weekend we travel to Exeter and will spend 10 days in the Devon area finishing up at the Rora Christian Fellowship before returning to Eltham to take one of the series on prophecy. On the first weekend in November we will be joining with the Victoria Park Christian Fellowship at Quinta in Shropshire for there away weekend. We continue to be very thankful for your prayerful and practical support. Much love Terry & Fran.

Update dated 14th September 2012

Having now enjoyed the summer break we are settling down to another season of opportunity to visit churches in this country. Nan Watson continues her 24/7 care in the Bryther Court Nursing Home at St Leonard's - on - Sea and we have committed ourselves, as much as possible, to visit Tuesdays and Wednesday each week. She is making some progress in her mobility but a long way from being able to leave her bed. Mum has been admitted to hospital twice in the last couple of weeks due to infections resulting in her lack of mobility. On the 17th September we celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. During October Walt & Wennie Robbins are visiting from Canada and Andrew will be here with Sienna for a few days. For the rest our programme we have updated our itinerary which you can view on our itinerary page. We continue to be very thankful for your prayerful and practical support. Much love Terry & Fran.

updated 1st July 2012

June has been a very challenging month for the Watson family. 3 months ago Terry's mother fell backwards down her cottage stairs and broke three bones in her neck causing her to loose the use of her arms & legs. Although she is regaining some use to one arm she is bedridden and we need to know God's wisdom in what we do as a family for her future. At the moment she is being cared for in a Care Home in St Leonards-on-Sea. A couple of weeks ago her grand-daughter died suddenly of a stroke while playing bowls. She leaves her partner and 18 year old daughter. This next month we shall be flying to Finland to spend some time with Andrew & Rebecca and family. In the second week we shall be looking after the grand-children while mum & dad spend 5 days in Rome. We return home via Estonia and travel to Rora for a week on New Life Radio. We appreciate your continuing support and trust you all have a great Summer. Much love Terry & Fran

updated 1st June 2012

We have just completed a month with the church at Lanark enjoying speaking in most of the Sunday morning meetings and visiting a number of members in the church. We have also spoken at the Auchenheath Christian Fellowship one Sunday evening and look forward to speaking again with the Adonia Bible Church in Glasgow this weekend. We return back to Eltham on Tuesday 4th June for a few days before driving to Suffolk & Norfolk on the 11th June for 6 days visiting a number of folk. On the 21st of the month we return back North to Manchester for a weekend at the Victoria Park Fellowship as well as visiting a number of friends in the Manchester & Liverpool area. We are very aware of your support and prayer and thank you for it. Much love Terry & Fran

updated 27th April 2012

Having returned from a very profitable trip to Canada & USA we are now spending some days in London getting ourselves ready for a five week visit to Scotland. We travel on Monday 30th April to Morecambe Bay for an overnight stop before arriving at John & Martha Shaws around lunchtime. We have been offered guest accommodation with Danny & Jenny Martin who are members of the Lanark Community Church. Peter & Liz Smith who lead the church are at present in Romania and we shall be returning with Augustin, who is Margareta's brother, he is coming to let the church know what he is up to in Romania. We shall be spending the month preaching on Sundays, sharing in the Bible Studies and prayer meetings, joining with them at their weekly coffee bar outreach and visiting members in their homes. On the first Sunday in June we return to the Adonia Church in Glasgow before making our way back to London via Liverpool and Walsall. We thank you for remembering us in prayer and your generous support. Terry & Fran

updated 27th March 2012

On the 28th March we fly to Toronto, Canada to spend time with Walt & Wennie Robbins and speak at Easter Meetings at the Stouffville Christian Fellowship before flying down to Florida for a week with Sandy & Beth Robertson. We return back on Tuesday 24th April and will be speaking at the Eltham Green Community Church morning meeting on the 29th April. We do so appreciate your continual prayer and support for us.

Much love Terry & Fran Watson

updated 8th February 2012

Last Sunday (6th February) we were privileged to be speaking at the Charlton & Blackheath Fellowship where Mike Leader is involved in the leadership. Mike was with us some 30 years ago and was a tremendous blessing as well as a very talented pianist and organist. Our only sadness was that he left us to pioneer a new church in Blackheath. Unfortunately that night there was a heavy snow storm which did deplete the numbers and about a third were missing. The week before in Eltham we had set aside 5 days to pray and fast and are now working out the implications of a fresh vision for the future of the church. This Friday (10th) we travel to the Wirral for a week as a base to visit a number of folk in the Liverpool and Manchester area and will be speaking at City Church in Kensington, Liverpool on the first Sunday and Emmaus Christian Fellowship, in Warrington on the second. On Saturday 11th we have arranged an Ameva/BTCP Training Day at City Church for all those interested in lecturing at the Ameva Bible College in Zimbabwe and have invited David Reddaway of BTCP to lead the sessions. I am planning to include videos and pictures on the work there so watch this space. When we return back on the 20th we enter a season of birthdays. John will be 40 and other February birthdays include Benjamin (5) Frances and Andrew. We continue to be very grateful for all your kind support both prayerful & practical. Much love Terry & Fran

updated 30th December 2011

We have come to the end of a very busy Christmas program and have enjoyed having our extended family joining with us. Andrew & Rebecca, Oliver & Sienna return to Helsinki on Saturday while Philip & Michelle will be around for a further 2 weeks.

Tomorrow (30th December) we drive to Gorton, Manchester for 3 days speaking at a New Years Conference followed quite quickly to a three day retreat in Worthing attended by a number of brethren from some of the Southern Churches in which we have good fellowship.

We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year

With very much love Terry & Fran

updated 10th November 2011

One of the scriptures that the Lord confirmed to us some years ago regarding our current ministry we have both re-read in our morning devotions while we have been away in Perth over the past 6 weeks. "He went from year to year on a circuit to Bethel, Gilgal & Mizpah but he always returned to Ramah for his home was there" 1 Samuel 7v16-17. These scriptures, referring to Samuel, confirm the Lord's heart to us that we should continue to travel and share both in word and in fellowship with those who are in leadership in various churches around the world.

Perth, this year, was a time for family, friends (Tony & Julia, Andrew & Jill) who were once with us in Eltham as well as for deepening our existing relationships with the Huntingdale Christian Church who are going through change under a wider eldership of whom Philip is now part. One particular meeting stands out when the young adults took the whole morning, leading the worship, a remarkable testimony from a young lady and excellent ministry from Kieron, Peter & Beth's oldest son plus, of course, the two opportunities that Terry had to speak. Philip & Michelle, Kezia, Jake & Ethan will be travelling to the UK on the 20th December for a month leaving Kezia with us until the 20th March. Kezia has now finished High School and plans some time out before going to University.

These next 3 Sundays see us travel to some of the churches we have been able to visit on a more regular basis and enjoy more consistent fellowship with those who lead. This weekend we are in Worthing, at the Clifton Community Church, on Saturday to celebrate Rob Parkes 50th birthday and on Sunday to preach the next message in a new series on the book of Nehemiah. The following Sunday with Paul & Chris Cross at River Church, St Mary Cray, and the last Sunday of November with the New Covenant Church in Bracknell. We do so appreciate your continuing love & support. Much love Terry & Fran

updated 31st October 2011

We are now nearing the end of a very enjoyable visit to Perth Australia where we have been staying with Philip & Michelle and family. Yesterday we joined 250,000 other Perth residents to see the Queen visit and wave to her as she passed by on Riverside Drive. Pictures of that on Frances' Facebook. Today we joined with the Huntingdale Christian Church where the young adults led the service and we listened to an amazing testimony from Emily, and the ministry of the word spoken by Kieran one of Peter & Beth's sons. This week we shall continue to take opportunity to visit some members of the church here as well as those we knew in Eltham. Next Sunday, our last, Terry has been invited to speak at the church. We arrive back home in Eltham on Wednesday 9th November. One of our difficult times here was to hear that Terry's mum was taken into hospital after a slight stoke, she is 94 in February, but is home again and improving. We thank you for your support both prayerfully and practically. Much love Terry & Fran

3rd October 2011

The picture is of our new home in Thornlie, Perth, Australia

We have safely arrived to spend 6 weeks with Philip & Michelle and the family who have now moved to Thornlie a southern area of Perth, Australia. This morning (Sunday) we joined them in the Huntingdale Christian Church and will spend some time with the folk here as well as visit a number of friends we have in and around this beautiful city. Last night we were taken to Freemantle for their famous fish & chips. (Facebook viewers will be able to see us on their site.) As this new house is much smaller than their previous residences we have a caravan on the front lawn so it could be said that we are "nearly on the street" although it is very comfortable. Next Sunday Terry will have the privilege of ministering in the church. The children, that is Kezia, Jake & Ethan are on school holidays so tomorrow we are off to the Science Museum with Ethan and a friend, while Kezia studies hard for her final exams and Jake builds himself a skateboard ramp. Tuesday we will be entertaining Tony & Julia for coffee at our place and others things will unfold as the days go by. We appreciate your prayerful and practical support. Much love Terry & Frances

9th September 2011

The picture is of Martin & Marian Williams who are working with local churches.

We are now back in Eltham for three weeks and shall enjoy meeting the church folk at Eltham when Terry speaks on Sunday. We have been in Malawi visiting a number of families in and around the Blantyre area. We returned home yesterday via Johannesburg. The flight from Harare arrived in Blantyre on Wednesday 24th August three and a half hours late which is not bad for Air Malawi who have a reputation for not flying from time to time. Air Zimbabwe have not been flying at all as the pilots have been on strike for at least three months awaiting payment for a backlog of salary. We stayed with Bev Cullender at the IMP base, once a member here in Eltham and visited Martin & Marian Williams who have recently moved into a small one bedroomed house and spent an evening with Miles & Liz Thomas who are now working in Malawi six months each year with two groups of churches Rock Springs Baptist Churches and New Life Churches. The first Sunday we travelled with Martin & Marian Williams to a village near Bvumbwe where Terry spoke to a combined group of New Life village churches on what they call a big Sunday.

During the two weeks of our Malawian stay we had a number of projects including a lot of computer work for those whose computer skills are worse than ours. Wednesday the second week we traveled to Limbe for two days to see Phil & Fiona Harvey and from Sunday through to Tuesday were back here at the IMP base for meetings with Matt & Rebecca Armstrong and a series of sessions on 'The Marriage Course' with contacts from the churches in which they are involved. We found the Malawian marriage customs as challenging as they found the principles that God lays down in scripture as a basis for our married lives together.

Our time in Zimbabwe was again very demanding sharing a series of lectures on the subject of Bible Doctrine 8 hours a day for 10 days looking at 10 of the major doctrines with a group of 21 students. The Sundays were taken up with preaching at the Chegutu Vineyard Church and Chegutu Fellowship where John Valentine is the leader.

We shall be flying off again to Perth Australia on the 28th September. Thank you for your continuing support both prayerfully and practically.

Much love. Terry & Frances

updated 1st August 2011

We have just completed a very profitable series of Radio programmes on New Life Radio broadcasting from Rora House in Liverton, Devon. The theme of our series of 8 was Discovering more in our everyday lives Many of our interviews and stories looked at deepening our experience in God and covered a variety of subjects as well as music. The first part of the programme included a devotional reading and requests for prayer. Highlights of the interviews were Phil Holdsworth of Christians against Poverty, Andrea Minichello Williams of Christian Concern and our weekend speaker Jay Fallon of Teen Challenge. We return back to Eltham on Monday 1st August to prepare for our trip to Zimbabwe & Malawi on Thursday 4th. Our time at Ameva Bible College will include a two week series of lectures on Biblical Doctrine that Terry will be sharing with Peter Gray as well as general support on the farm . On the 24th August we move on to Blantyre to visit Matt & Rebecca working with International Mission Project, Phil & Fiona Harvey Headmaster of a school in Limbe, Miles & Liz Thomas and Martin & Marian Williams working with Chisomo Trust. At Matt & Rebeccas we lead The Marriage Course over a period of 3 days. We return back to Eltham on the 9th September. We continue to thank you for your love and support both prayerfully and practically. Terry & Fran Watson

updated 23rd June 2011

We have just returned from an amazing 10 days in Gran Canaria m
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