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Easter Update 9th April 2021

Welcome to our Easter update

Its been over three months since we wrote our last news page. Due to lockdown we have restricted most of our contacting either to the telephone or to emails. One of the most common introductions when receiving both is" Trust you are both well"  In fact we are both doing ok but unfortunately do come short of  the "being well" phrase. Trouble is we are at the age now when things start not to work and they need attention. Terry has developed the common old mens problem, an enlarged prostate. Which  disturbs a good nights sleep. Terry has for many years enjoyed his usual 8 hours sleep at night. He now finds lots of things to do mostly between midnight or two in the morning. He tends to wake up a few times. Catching up on emails is good therapy. Frances continues to try to get to the bottom of her eating and obvious "through" problems. They think the muscles are on strike and slow everything down. She finds eating a challenge and the outworking more difficult. She had a Colonoscopy last week, not a pleasant experience, and they are still checking her after her tia last year. Still waiting for the outcome of both. That means she is not driving at the moment.

Having said that, we do continue to enjoy lockdown life. At the moment we are painting the kitchen cabinets. As there are about 25 doors and 18 draws and all the pillars, unit edges, shelves etc around so it has proven quite a challenge.  When we bought the house in 2014 some of the units around the sink had water damage. We were unable to replace them as the units had been discontinued, to replace all the kitchen units was out of the question, but after being sanded and painted green they now look very good. Terry takes them off, takes all the handels off and Frances paints them two coats and then Terry rebuilds & refits them. We are very pleased with the job.

We have cleaned up our decking, put back all the chairs and tables from storage, tidied the garden and now are awaiting the warm weather. We had  started to visit folk outside and have visitors in our garden but that is currently on hold due to the cold weather returning.  We have 3 overseas cancelled trips to rebook, numerous cancelled preaching engagements to fulfill and some visits to us to re-shedual going back over a year now.

Monday does see the start of wider visiting with an outside pub garden invitation to Lewes to meet up with a couple from Worthing. Our average monthly driving has increased from the 80 miles in January & February to well over double that during March. Last 12 months we have done just over 3000 miles at least 10000 miles short of our normal programme. Terry continues to avoid Zoom as far as ministry is concerned but really enjoys his monthly Sunday evening slot on New Life Radio. We are speaking next Sunday night the 18th April on the text "Let us go on to perfection " We are really looking forward to getting back to the physical pulpit.

Doreen is doing well and she and Terry log on to All Souls Langham Place on Sunday morning while Frances visits Eltham. If the ministry is on YouTube we are able to visit a variety of other churches. Doreen joined the local Anglican church last year which restarts again on the 25th April.  We are looking forward to  logging on to the next series of Fellowship Gatherings at the end of this month.  The three boys are all doing well scattered around around the world. We haven't met up with any of them since before Christmas. 

Three times a week we seek to walk along the coast or through the country parks. We have developed a number of different planned walks betwen three & nine miles long. Flat seaside strolls or walks over and around the Hastings castle. There are 220 steps up to reach the top of the hill as well as steep paths and steps down. Not for the faint hearted. During the warmer & dryer months we shall continue walks through the Combe Valley Country Park flooded during the winter but this is a bit to long for Frances.

We do hope to see you personally again soon.

Much love Terry and Fran